Wanted a Charity Quilting Group in the USA to DONATE a made in USA Ellie frame to. 
Hi Fellow Quilters,
I have for sometime now wanted to donate ONE of my Made in USA Upright Quilt Basting Frames (Mulberry Millie "Ellie") to a Charity Quilting Group. I would like to do this in August 2014.
The group has to be in one of the 48 contiguous USA States for freight reasons.
Can anyone suggest a Charity Quilting Group (USA) that might be interested?
The group I choose will be named on my Website and Facebook page.
Please fill in the contact form below if you would like to suggest a Charity Quilting Group to receive this wonderful Upright Quilt Basting Frame.
The information you submit will not be used to contact you (unless the Charity Quilting Group you have suggested is the one I decide to donate to) and I will not pass on your information to anyone else.

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plus postage of AU$1.50 for Domestic Sales.

And postage of AU$7.00 for International  Sales.

Australian Aluminium Supply:

Due to the widespread prevalence of very minor imperfections in the Powder-coating of my last Aluminium order I will be reducing the cost of my frames by a further 10% on the effected Aluminium.

When you enquire I will advise the reduced price on the item you are interested in.

Once my new stock of Aluminium arrives I will only be able to offer the frame at the reduced price while the older Aluminium is in stock.

Jeanine's Ellie Frame used as a Design Wall.

Hi All,
I recently sold a frame to a lady named Jeanine, she sent me the following photo and message.
"Just wanted to show you I'm using my Millie stand as a design wall and when I finish I'll be basting 2 quilts. I'm very happy with my purchase. Cheers Jeanine".
It is always lovely to get photos so if you feel like sending in your Millie photos please do.
Happy Quilting,

Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame 
Barbara's lovely Quilt on her new Ellie.
This Ellie has a new home in Northern NSW, Australia. Barbara unpacked her Ellie and had her in action within hours of delivery.
Way to go Barbara, this must be a record.
Happy Quilting,
P.S. And she kindly sent me a photo, if anyone else out there with a Mulberry Millie frame would like to send me a photo I would be very happy to put it on my Website.
Australia's Quilt Basting Frame 


 The Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame.
What an absolutely wonderful innovation!
Make your quilt basting experience more enjoyable by owning one of these great frames!!
Are you tired of  kneeling on the floor  to put your quilt layers together ?
Are you tired of clearing a large space on the floor to baste your quilt?
Are you tired of  spending hours on the floor basting a quilt to turn it over and discover  an annoying wrinkle in the backing?
Have you always wanted a portable Design Wall/Quilt Basting Frame that stores out of the way easily when not in use?
Would you like somewhere to hang your shirts, tops, skirts, trousers etc. while they dry or you do your ironing?
Then a Mulberry  Millie Upright Quilt Basting Frame (Ellie) is for you.
Also now available a light weight Hand Quilting Frame (Alice)

There is now a Mulberry Millie Ellie in Canada and another in England!
Millie is spreading globally with numerous frames in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom!
The Mulberry Millie Quilting Frame Plans (quilting frame pattern)  have been sold in Australia, the USA, and the UK.
Please note : The Mulberry Millie Upright Quilt Basting frame is a Patent Protect product, the related Know How to make and use, Plans/Patterns are Copyrighted and are not to be reproduced, distributed, posted online,  published or shared in any form without written approval by Ann Crosse.
Mulberry Millie Dismantled for storage (YouTube) 
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